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ACTIVE SERVER PAGES is the most commonly used scripting language for websites that are hosted on Windows servers. ASP 3.0, also known as "Classic ASP", is the original scripting language that was developed by Microsoft. Based on VBScript, a variation of Visual Basic, it allows the developer to create websites that can dynamically display data stored in SQL Server or Microsoft Access databases. Some common applications are shopping carts, on-line catalogs, bulletin boards and calendars. ASP also makes it easy to create website content that is entered by the customer using password protected data entry forms.

HYPERTEXT MARKUP LANGUAGE is the basic building block of all web pages. Most web pages are comprised primarily of HTML. This is the original web programming language that was developed nearly two decades ago, and continues to be the primary means of rendering content on the Internet.

ASP.NET is the latest generation of Microsoft scripting languages. It is part of the most advanced development tools ever created by Microsoft. Based on Visual Basic dot Net and C# dot Net, it allows delivery of a quality of programming that has never before been seen on the Internet. Entire applications that were once limited to a Local Area Network (LAN) can now be run anywhere that you have access to an Internet connection. Like Classic ASP, ASP.NET is a server-side scripting language. This means that the programming code is "parsed" by the server and converted to standard HTML before it is rendered on the browser.

JAVASCRIPT is a client-side scripting language. This means that, unlike ASP or ASP.NET, the Javascript code is passed directly to the browser, along with the HTML code. It is then "interpreted" by the browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, etc.) when certain events occur. The most common use of Javascript is to provide real-time form validation to insure that data is entered correctly and that all required fields are entered before a web form is submitted. This is commonly used in shopping cart applications and contact forms.

MACROMEDIA FLASH (now owned by Adobe) allows the developer to create exciting animated text and graphic images that can add impact to your website presentation.

Along with tasteful graphics, photographs and web-art, MG Web Systems utilizes all of these development tools to create a thoroughly professional website that will serve you well by presenting your business or organization in a manner that is completely consistent with your overall marketing image. We carefully integrate your logo into the overall design of your website to make sure the "personality" of your business or organization is properly portrayed.